Home of the liberty burger.

Welcome to June's Outback. Home of The Liberty Burger. Where we build the best cheesburgers in Killingworth. We start with only the freshest ingredients (Fresh Ground Sirloin Beef) and build it just the way you like.  Also, $1 from every Liberty Burger sold will be donated to the Local VFW. We have raised over $3000 in the last year.


Owner June Vigliotto has been in this pub long before she actually purchased it. Originally Cooks Village Pub, June worked as a  bartender for seven years for Winnie & Lee Cook, before she decided to purchase it from them in 1995. In 2008, she added a kitchen & live music, but has made sure to never lose the "Pub"atmosphere that she loved so much. "We're like a big family & that will NEVER change"

best cheeseburgers in Killingworth



Also available in gluten free


Monday - Thursday: 10am-1am
Friday & Saturday: 10am-2am
Sunday: 12pm-12am
Holidays: Closed Christmas &

4th of July


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